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  • David Beckham’s dad suffers memory loss.

    DAVID BECKHAM was devastated after his father suffered severe memory loss after his recent heart attack - and forgot the soccer star's name. Ted Beckham, 59, was so disorientated after the attack he couldn't recognise key family members. A sou

  • David Beckham flies home as dad suffers heart attack.

    DAVID BECKHAM has made a dramatic dash back to the UK after his father suffered a near-fatal heart attack. The superstar footballer, who now lives in California, flew back to England last night following the news that Ted Beckham had been take

  • BECKHAMS to try for a fourth child.

    DAVID BECKHAM and wife VICTORIA BECKHAM have announced they will be trying for a fourth baby now they have moved to the US. The Beckhams, who already have three young sons, moved to LA this summer following a protracted goodbye from Europe.

  • Victoria Beckham wanted to buy Madge’s posh LA house

    Victoria Beckham was gunning to buy Madonna's LA mansion, but she is said to have bugged Madonna in order to get her hands on the place. Madonna wasn't having it and doubled the price, but Posh called her bluff and said she was willing to meet

  • Victoria Beckham wants more bling

    It's hard to believe, but having a $20 million (Rs 80.5 crore) house isn't enough for Victoria Beckham. The British babe, along with her football stud husband David Beckham is already in talks to move to a more bodacious pad. They've only bee

  • Why Posh Beckham hates Paris Hilton

    One of the hardest things that Victoria Beckham will have to get used to if she wants to live in America is the lack of tact displayed by most people. And in this case, most people includes Paris Hilton. Upon her move to America, Victoria was re





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