Pamela Anderson prefers panto to panties

Former ‘Baywatch’ actress Pamela Anderson thinks she is more suited to pantomime than bikinis modelling. Pamela Anderson thinks she’s better suited to pantomime than bikini modelling. The former ‘Baywatch’ babe prefers to... Read more »

Hugh Hefner offers Pamela Anderson the Bunny Mansion.

PLAYBOY king HUGH HEFNER has offered PAMELA ANDERSON the use of his mansion if she ever finds herself homeless. The Baywatch star has appeared on numerous Playboy covers – and the 41-year-old... Read more »

Pamela Anderson claims to be “Fulfilled”

Pamela Anderson claims her life is “fulfilled in every area” now that she is married to Rick Salomon. The sexy actress, who married the professional poker player in Las Vegas earlier this... Read more »

Pamela Anderson weds Paris Hilton’s ex.

Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson married professional poker player Rick Salomon at a hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday. The 40-year-old Baywatch star tied the knot with Salomon in between her scheduled performances... Read more »

Pamela Anderson shocked by Kid Rock’s fatherly claims.

Actress PAMELA ANDERSON is stunned by KID ROCK’s claims he played a vital part in raising her two sons from her first marriage to TOMMY LEE, because she never left her children... Read more »

Pamela Anderson staying in bed.

Pamela Anderson has confessed she is still upset about her ex-husband’s feud that she has been spending her time in bed. The blonde bombshell, who was shocked when exes Tommy Lee and... Read more »

Hollywood’s new porn couple.

FORMER home porn film stars Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are the new hot couple after being spotted canoodling on a Malibu beach. Pamela Anderson (40) once sued an internet distributor over a... Read more »

Pamela Anderson to battle KFC suppliers

Pamela Anderson has decided that it’s time for someone to stand up for the birds in line to be the next Kentucky Fried Chicken combo meal. The latest reports claim that Pamela... Read more »

Pamela Anderson is party hearty at 40

Pamela Anderson celebrated her 40th birthday with a pink-themed party in Las Vegas on Saturday. The former Baywatch babe toasted her fifth decade at the Planet Hollywood Resort following her performance as... Read more »