Owen Wilson is dating Bionic Woman – Michelle Ryan.

Actor OWEN WILSON has sparked rumours of a new romance with BIONIC WOMAN star Michelle Ryan. The Wedding Crashers  star – recovering from a suicide attempt in August (07) – has reportedly... Read more »

Kate Hudson is getting back with Owen Wilson ?

Remember back in seventh grade when you broke up with your boyfriend via a note that was folded into a triangle? Well Dax Shepard didn’t even get one of those from Kate... Read more »

Blythe Danner is ‘Heartbroken’ about Owen Wilson’s sucide attempt.

GWYNETH PALTROW’s actress mother BLYTHE DANNER was “heartbroken” to hear the news OWEN WILSON tried to kill himself last month (Aug07). Danner worked with Wilson on the 2000 comedy Meet the Parents... Read more »

Owen Wilson QUITS acting to Recover.

OWEN WILSON has pulled out of his latest movie project in an attempt to recover from an alleged suicide bid. Wedding Crashers star Wilson was reportedly found by his brother Andrew at... Read more »

Owen Wilson attempts suicide

Owen Wilson attempted suicide on Sunday and was hospitalised, reports The National Enquirer and Star magazine. “He slit his left wrist and took an indeterminate amount of pills,” they reported. “He was... Read more »