Mel Gibson involved in car crash

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson was involved in a minor accident after he lost control of his car and crashed it into the hillside in Malibu in California. The Braveheart star’s battered Maserati... Read more »

Mel Gibson abuse tape hits the web

Hollywood star Mel Gibson, who is set to be investigated for domestic violence against former lover Oksana Grigorieva, has landed in more trouble with a recording of the actor abusing her, leaked... Read more »

Mel Gibson’s joining the wagon

Months after his arrest for driving under intoxication, Mel Gibson (51) intends to get on with his career. The Oscar-winning actor and director has met the conditions set by a court as... Read more »

Baby was planned: Mel B

The Mel B and Eddie Murphy camps are not on the best of terms. But according to Mel, before they started fighting, they had been hunky-dory and were planning to tie the... Read more »