Kirsten Stewart to play Snow White

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Dakota Fanning kisses Kirsten Stewart

Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning has revealed she found kissing Kristen Stewart “comfortable” in a new film. The 16-year-old actress locks lips with the Twilight Saga star in their new movie The Runaways... Read more »

Robert Pattinson is moving in with Kristen Stewart

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning to move into a new home together in a bid to save their relationship. The couple, who have repeatedly denied being romantically involved,... Read more »

Kristen Stewart does not want to be the next Angelina Jolie

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is a huge fan of superstar Angelina Jolie but says that at no cost will she trade places with her. “I don’t want to be Angelina Jolie. Not... Read more »