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  • Kirsten Dunst and Johnny Borrell split.

    British rocker JOHNNY BORRELL has split from girlfriend KIRSTEN DUNST, because the Hollywood actress couldn't stand the singer's messy ways. The couple had been dating since March (07), and Borrell had briefly moved into the Spider-Man star's ren

  • Kirsten Dunst’ house is raided

    Actress Kirsten Dunst yesterday filed in court papers against the robbers who ransacked the room at the SoHo Grand Hotel, in New York City, where she had put up, while filming How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. The thieves managed to loo

  • Kirsten Dunst goes back to school

    Kirsten Dunst is going back to school to hone her skills — art skills — to be precise. As reported in Now magazine, Kirsten said, “I’ve just finished this marathon (art) course in New York.“But taking the time out to do it as a hobby a

  • Kirsten Dunst evicts messy rocker boyfriend

    Kirsten Dunst wants a companion who appreciates her tidy ways. Unfortunately, her current beau doesn't fit the bill. As a result, it appears that Kirsten and rocker boyfriend Johnny Borrell's four-month romance may be fizzling out. Dunst's Ra





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