Kate Hudson impressed with Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson has been busy brushing up her speaking skills ever since she started dating British rocker Matt Bellamy. The ‘Bride Wars’ star, who is pregnant with Bellamy’s baby, insisted that he... Read more »

Kate Hudson has fickle taste in men.

KATE HUDSON refuses to date only one type of man – insisting her taste in boyfriends is “all over the place”. The free-spirited actress has enjoyed a string of relationship with some... Read more »

Kate Hudson doesn’t regret being a mother

Kate Hudson insists she doesn’t regret forsaking her partying years in order to have children. The beautiful actress, who has a four-year-old son Ryder with ex-husband rocker Chris Robinson, revealed she would... Read more »

Kate Hudson launches hair products.

Kate Hudson is getting set to launch her own range of hair products. The beautiful actress has teamed up with hairstylist David Babaii to create Wildaid, which is a range of hair... Read more »

Kate Hudson is not dating Heath Ledger.

Actress KATE HUDSON has laughed off reports of a romance with HEATH LEDGER, branding the rumours “absolutely false”. Hudson and Ledger were alleged to have enjoyed a romantic night out on Thursday... Read more »

Kate Hudson’s Son Shocked To See Her On TV

Kate Hudson revealed her son is stunned when he sees her on the TV. The beautiful actress says that her three-year-old son Ryder, whom she had with former husband Chris Robinson of... Read more »

Kate Hudson is getting back with Owen Wilson ?

Remember back in seventh grade when you broke up with your boyfriend via a note that was folded into a triangle? Well Dax Shepard didn’t even get one of those from Kate... Read more »

Kate Hudson’s foursome with old flame and new

Kate Hudson is going to Hawaii with her ex-husband Chris Robinson and she’s bringing along her current boyfriend Owen Wilson! Kate and Chris have stayed friends for the sake of their young... Read more »