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  • Talking to friends best therapy for Jessica Simpson Talking to friends best therapy for Jessica Simpson

    American singer Jessica Simpson says speaking to her best friends is the "best therapy" for her. The 30-year-old beauty, who is currently dating former National Football League player Eric Johnson, is happy to answer anything she is asked by h

  • Jessica Simpson's naked cleavage Jessica Simpson’s naked cleavage

    Jessica Simpson’s cleavage has come to the rescue of her reputation! After our favorite singer turned actress turned country singer posted some photos of herself on her Tweeter stream, where she was wearing a very short wig and almost gave her fa

  • I am working hard: Jessica Simpson

    Actress Jessica Simpson (27) says, “Skipping my strenuous workout routine is never an option.I basically work out two hours a day five to six days a week.“Last night I got to go to the gym at 10... and I was on the treadmill for an hour.I hav

  • Jessica – Hot or Not

    On the left, Jessica looks sexy in her see through top and not so hot pants. With that kindda top who cares about the pants. On the right, we wonder what she was thinking ? She looks surprised too. Jessica we want you to go back to your

  • Jessica Simpson’s Blonde Ambition

    Jessica Simpson could be heading for Louisiana soon. I hear that's where director Scott Marshall may be shooting his next flick, Blonde Ambition, a remake of Working Girl starring Simpson in the role made famous by Melanie Griffith. Luke Wilson i





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