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  • My real life is a disaster: Drew Barrymore My real life is a disaster: Drew Barrymore

    Hollywood star Drew Barrymore has said that she has good organisational skills as a director but her real life is a disaster. The 'Charlie's Angels' star, who directed the 2009 film 'Whip It', admitted she is disciplined on the sets but has mess

  • Drew Barrymore open to love lessons Drew Barrymore open to love lessons

    Actress Drew Barrymore is trying to be less stubborn in relationships and says she is open to changing her approach towards love. "Love? I'm not an affectionado on the subject right now. Some of the things I thought were a certain way have rev

  • Drew Barrymore learns from her troubled past.

    Actress Drew Barrymore has no regrets about her troublesome past - because her experience with drugs and alcohol has made her more appreciative of life. The Charlie's Angels star, 32, rose to Hollywood prominence in 1980 at the tender age of

  • Drew Barrymore makes out with co-star.

    Drew Barrymore (32) and Live Free or Die Hard star Justin Long (29) were recently spotted together in Las Vegas. Sin City lured the couple to Light nightclub and continued their lovefest at Jet nightclub, where they made out in the VIP area. Th

  • Drew Barrymore plays the field

    The answer to the question 'Who is Drew Barrymore dating?' may depend on the day you ask. It seems the Charlie's Angels hottie is keeping her options open. Earlier this week, Drew steamed it up with director Spike Jonze in the VIP booth of the El Re





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