When Brad Pitt’s motorbike broke down

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, who is known for his fondness for motorbikes, was forced to abandon his two-wheeler after it broke down. The 45-year-old star, who uses the motorcycle to zip past... Read more »

Diane Kruger with Brad Pitt again

German actress DIANE KRUGER is to reteam with TROY co-star BRAD PITT in QUENTIN TARANTINO’s new war movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Kruger will play a German movie star in the film, which features... Read more »

Brad Pitt solves rift between Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston.

A rift between Courtney Cox and JENNIFER ANISTON has been healed by an unlikely mediator – the Along Came Polly┬ástar’s ex-husband BRAD PITT. The Friends co-stars reportedly fell out over Cox’s failure... Read more »

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decide never to marry.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have created such a solid relationship, they have never discussed marriage and never plan to make their union official. Jolie insists the bond they have created, since... Read more »

Angelina Jolie puts her foot in her mouth, calls Brad Pitt stupid.

Sometimes celebrities drop their guard and reveal a little too much about their opinions or personal lives. And from our vantage point, it looks like Angelina Jolie may have done a bit... Read more »

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dismiss Zahara’s Hip operation reports.

BRAD PITT and Angelina Jolie have denied reports their adopted daughter ZAHARA is in need of hip surgery, insisting the news is “not true”. An article in U.S. magazine Star claimed the... Read more »

Brad Pitt’s gross behavior at TIFF.

We always thought Brad Pitt was a neat guy. But these new pictures of the hunk taken at the Toronto Film Festival make us want to puke. Found enough to make a... Read more »

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with kids shopping in New York.

Brad Pitt carries son Pax out of Lee’s Art Shop during a family outing in New York City. Poor Pax still isn’t used to all the attention. Angelina Jolie leads Maddox and... Read more »

Pitt-stop for Brangelina

Brad Pitt has dismissed reports claiming another adoption was on the card for the actor and his girlfriend Angelina Jolie.Reports claimed the two were set to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia,... Read more »

I quit girls for Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie

Actress Angelina Jolie reveals that she has given up her lesbian and kinky romps after she fell for Brad Pitt. The 32-year-old has admitted to using knives during sex when bedding women... Read more »