Did Lindsey Lohan have another boob job ?

Lindsay Lohan is once again denying she has had another boob job. The beautiful actress, who was reported as having a breast enlargement after she was photographed with a larger chest, is... Read more »

Gay Porn Star helps Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz

HollywoodPulse reports, Cameron Diaz and longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake have reportedly asked for help from a gay porn star to find them a home in New York. The sexy couple are said... Read more »

Jessica – Hot or Not

On the left, Jessica looks sexy in her see through top and not so hot pants. With that kindda top who cares about the pants. On the right, we wonder what she was thinking ?... Read more »

Jessica Simpson’s Blonde Ambition

Jessica Simpson could be heading for Louisiana soon. I hear that’s where director Scott Marshall may be shooting his next flick, Blonde Ambition, a remake of Working Girl starring Simpson in the... Read more »

T.R Knight tells all. Gay or Not.

  T.R. Knight has confirmed he’s gay to People magazine. “I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I’d like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be... Read more »

Britney is back. The baby fat is gone.

Britney is back. The birth of Sutton Pierce has been good for Britney. She was under the radar for quite sometime being a good mommy and a good wife hosting parties. Finally... Read more »

Patrick Dempsey & Isaiah Washington at War.

K.V., as well as the Daily News reported that there was a war of words among Washington, Dempsey and another costar who plays a darling little shy thing. Washington and Dempsey quarreled, it’s... Read more »