Natalie Portman feels like an old hag

natalie portmanHollywood beauty Natalie Portman has admitted she sometimes feels like an “old hag” as she has been working tirelessly as an actress for the last two decades.

The Closer star kickstarted her career as a child model, before working on Broadway and landed her first role in controversial 1994 movie ‘Leon’ at the age of 11, Los Angeles Times reported.

“I made my first movie when I was 11. I’m an old hag. I guess it’s pretty common with actors, to be doing this for 18 years, but it’s extreme,” said Portman.

The 29-year-old actress is still struggling to cope with the sudden acclaim for her role as a deranged dancer in the ballet thriller Black Swan, and is likely to walk away with the best actress Academy Award later this month.

“I feel like I’m on another planet or something right now. It’s not quite sinking in. I feel really lucky. It’s something that’s completely wonderful, and I have a very definite goal I’m working toward with that,”

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