Helen Mirren: My mother was cruel.

DAME Helen Mirren was so traumatised by “cruel” mother, she has wiped their relationship from her memory. The Queen star, 62, admits her critical mother was so impossible to impress that she... Read more »

Catherine Zeta Jones rejects anorexia

Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones has rejected rumours that she is suffering from anorexia. The Entrapment star was speaking to People magazine at the Savannah film festival, where her husband Michael Douglas... Read more »

P Diddy’s expensive baby gifts for Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez will make a “great mother” her former boyfriend SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS has announced. The hip-hop mogul has said that Jennifer, with whom he had a two-and-a-half-year relationship, has revealed that... Read more »

Paris Hilton’s Toronto porn store tantrum.

For sale: Video showing Paris Hilton allegedly ripping her posters of her porn tape, “One Night In Paris” off a Toronto Porn store wall, according to CTV.CA. The owners of the store... Read more »

Sharon Stone in a juggling act.

Clad in Fendi fur shawl and dress, Stone was in town to host the benefit. She personally conducted an auction of, among other items, De Grisogono jewelry and contemporary art, charming and... Read more »

Jessica Alba the devil.

Jessica Alba says she used to be “the devil”. The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress went through a wild phase during her teenage years, regularly partying at nightclubs when she was just 15. Jessica... Read more »

Natalie Portman Is A Proud Nerd

Taking a break from getting naked in movies, big screen beauty Natalie Portman is the celebrity cover girl and guest editor of an upcoming issue of Scholastic Math magazine. Sure, it’s no... Read more »

Sarah Jessica Parker Admires Angelina Jolie

Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed she admires actress Angelina Jolie for adopting. The ‘Sex and the City’ beauty believes it’s incredible that Angelina has opened up her home to three underprivileged children,... Read more »

Reese Witherspoon Falls For James Blunt

New reports are claiming Reese Witherspoon has fallen for British singer James Blunt. The beautiful actress and the ‘Goodbye My Lover’ singer reportedly hit it off when they met after his live... Read more »

Viggo Mortensen’s “Embarrassing” Nude Scene

Viggo Mortensen has confessed that filming the naked scene for his new movie ‘Eastern Promises’ was “slippery, painful and embarrassing.” The handsome actor, who had to shoot a four-minute nude fight in... Read more »