Mike Tyson pleads guilty to drug use.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has pleaded guilty to charges of drug possession and driving under the influence, over a traffic incident last year.

Tyson faces a maximum sentence of over four years in jail over the charges.

The youngest heavyweight champion in history, who is notorious for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear during a fight, was stopped by traffic police on December 29th last year, on his way home from a nightclub in Arizona.

He was arrested after bags of cocaine were discovered in his car and traces of the drug were found in his system after tests.

Tyson’s attorney David Chesnoff said his client was seeking treatment for “various addictions” but a judge said that the boxer would have to spend time in jail as he was a repeat offender.

The star has been in jail twice before after being convicted of rape in 1992 and over an assault incident in 1999. He is due to be sentenced on November 19th.

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