Jennifer Aniston wants to meet the parents

Amid rumours that they’d broken up, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Sculfor are now claimed to actually be doing quite well. And with reports that Jen is planning to fly Paul’s parents out... Read more »

Beyonce falls down stairs during concert

Beyonce Knowles had a dramatic start to her solo gig in Florida by tumbling down the stairs as she made her entrance. The 25-year-old only suffered damage to her pride after the... Read more »

Jessica Alba single again

There’s cheers being heard amongst men in Hollywood and all over the world, for the sexiest starlet on the planet is once more a bachelorette. Jessica Alba has ended her longtime relationship... Read more »

Baby was planned: Mel B

The Mel B and Eddie Murphy camps are not on the best of terms. But according to Mel, before they started fighting, they had been hunky-dory and were planning to tie the... Read more »

I am innocent: Lindsay Lohan

With two trips to rehab behind her and a litany of legal problems ahead, Lindsay Lohan has added more grist to the mill but says she is not guilty in her latest... Read more »

Why Posh Beckham hates Paris Hilton

One of the hardest things that Victoria Beckham will have to get used to if she wants to live in America is the lack of tact displayed by most people. And in... Read more »

Mischa wants to be a Bond girl

What’s Mischa Barton been up to? Well, she’s been in London brushing up on her acting skills at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. But what’s next for Mischa? Well, it seems... Read more »

Angelina loves The Office

We never imagined David Brent was Angelina Jolie’s type. But apparently the Hollywood actress is hooked on hit British sitcom The Office. And she loves the British humour so much she is... Read more »

Tom and Katie’s freaky dance

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes know how to get down! The pair were seen bumping and grinding at the Welcome to America party they threw for the Beckhams earlier this week. Katie... Read more »

Love at first sight for Johnny Depp

JOHNNY Depp has spoken of his “love at first sight” attraction to long-term lover Vanessa Paradis. Depp, who has been with Paradis for 10 years and is rumoured to be getting married... Read more »