Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe Part Ways

The celebrity couple’s marriage days are over. Sources informed on Monday that the couple is separating and that Reese has already hooked up with prominent celebrity divorce lawyer Robert Kaufmann. The decision... Read more »

Ivanka Trump’s New Man is Topher Grace

There is a new man in Ivanka’s life, Topher Grace the star of the “That’ 70s Show”. Ivanka spent her 25th birthday with Topher at the Las Vegas’ Pure. They were seen... Read more »

Brad Pitt’s charity work continues

Brad Pitt is conituing his charity work in India too. While in Pune (India) for shooting of his new movie with Angelina Jolie, Brad tooks some time off to help Habitat of... Read more »

Debra Messing gets ticketed.

No Debra is not your next script. I guess the quaters ran out as Debra Messing the star of Will and Grace got held up reading her new script. I am sure Debra... Read more »

Kirsten’s vacation requirements

Actress KIRSTEN DUNST insists that she has sufficient time off between two movies. The time off between the movies is used by her to draw inspiration from experiences in her regular life.... Read more »

Simon Cowell in trouble with the Cops.

It seems like Simon Cowell is wondering, doesnt he watch American Idol, why does he need to check my ID ? Simon, you cant get be a bad boy and get away with... Read more »

Lindsay Lohan’s new ride

Lindsay has ditched her Herbie and got herself a new sweet ride. All she needs now is someone in the other seat. Guys are on the prowl. Read more »

Beniffer out with Violet – Babys Day Out

Its babys day out. Ben Affleck and Jenniffer Garner were spotted with their baby Violet. They look like a cute family. We didnt like Ben as a superhero but as superdad, thumbs... Read more »

Studio 60 sees its end

Last Friday, Sorkin was asked for three more episodes of Studio 60. But this is not a good sign but just the last few breaths of this show. The extension was asked... Read more »

Amanda Peet’s filthy mouth.

   No, its not that Amanda Peet is mad with everyone or that paparazzi’s a bugging her.  Peet who is scheduled to give birth early next year, has had a perfect first pregnancy... Read more »